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** We Carry Military Spec Packaging **




Eagle builds crates in accordance with commercial and military specifications. We are the largest crate builder in the Pensacola area. At Eagle we design and engineer to your standards. Our customers range from New Orleans, Louisiana to Jacksonville, Florida.

We can custom build a single unit through a wide range of quantities and sizes. We design and build to military and ASTM standards, listed below are a few specifications. Eagle is also a certified H.T. company for the customer that ships international. We will provide stamped crates and pallets for the heat treated requirements.


ASTM D6251
ASTM D6039


Eagle Packaging carries a very large inventory of packaging materials. We stock cartons, tapes, bubble wraps, films, loose fill, etc. Eagle can take your product from design to finished packaging. We also can arrange for shipping at very comeptitive pricing.

We offer commercial and military specification packaging materials as well as crating your products for domestic and over sea's shipping. At Eagle we speak Military Specification packaging. We can arrange for your packaging requiremetns and ship to Department of Defense Locations. Listed are a few military specifications.

     MIL-STD-2073       MIL-PRF-121
     MIL-P-116            MIL-PRF-131
     PPP-B-566            MIL-D-3464

We provide bar coding and RFID tags for shipments. We are the largest packager of military parts in Northwest Florida. Our personnel have over 100 years of military packaging and crating experience.

Eagle's prices are based on our local delivery area at no cost to our customers. Eagle will deliver Monday through Friday on Eagle Trucks.

Delivery outside this area will be arranged, our shipping fee will be very competitive. Allowances may be made to offset shipping fee's.

From microchips to battleships, we can package or crate it all. Eagle is a defense contract administrative services inspected facility. We are a heat treated wood converter (crates-pallets) for department of defense and commercial overseas requirements. We provide material to small companies as well as some of the largest in the world.

On a typical day we crate art work, electronics, machinery, and family heir looms. As well as ship world wide.

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